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Hoppe Tree Service is a full service tree care company with a passion for taking care of people and their trees.  Hoppe Tree Service performs pruning, removal, and creates and maintains tree health programs.

Our company has been serving southeastern Wisconsin since 1972.  Our team of arborists are dedicated, and we have the equipment, knowledge and expertise for any tree job large or small.

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Firewood, Whole Logs, and Mulch

Firewood Splitfirewood

 We have a mixture of seasoned, split hardwoods.  We sell and deliver right to you  

  • Half Face Cord: $75 dumped/$100 stacked*
  • Face Cord: $135 dumped/$150 stacked* 
  • Half Cord: $185 dumped/$225 stacked*
  • Full Cord: $335 dumped/$425 stacked*

 *stacking fee assumes we can move our truck  within 30 feet of the area without excessive stairs. Longer walking distances may have additional charges.

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whole logs


Whole Logs

Hoppe Tree Service offers log drop offs for those that are willing to cut the wood down to size. Log length will vary and may include some already cut to firewood length all the way up 6ft long. This wood may not be seasoned yet. Contact us if you are interested in whole logs. 

414-257-2111 or






We regrind our wood chips into a shredded wood mulch. Our mulch is a mixture of local hardwoods. It has a natural brownish color and is weed free. We do not dye our mulch. We charge $25 per yard plus delivery* to most areas of Milwaukee( minimum order of $100).

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