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Hoppe Tree Service

Hoppe Tree Service is a full service tree care company with a passion for taking care of people and their trees.  Hoppe Tree Service performs pruning, removal, and creates and maintains tree health programs.

Our company has been serving southeastern Wisconsin since 1972.  Our team of arborists are dedicated, and we have the equipment, knowledge and expertise for any tree job large or small.

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Tree Support Systems

Cables are installed in trees to provide support to weak or potentially hazardous limbs by connecting two or more limbs together. Tree conditions requiring mechanical support may be splits, decayed or poorly structured limb junctions or the inherent dangers of weak-wooded trees. Poorly structured trees with more than one trunk are more susceptible to breaking under the stress of wind or the weight of accumulated ice or snow. Threaded bolts may also be used to support structural weeknesses in trees. Our expert arborists are able to indentify situations where a support system should be used to enure safety and extend the life of your tree.


 RGWireStop  brace bolt  cable



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