Taking Tree Care Full Circle- Planting, Maintenance, Removal and Milling

Hoppe Tree Service prides ourselves in our full circle approach to tree care.  The cycle starts with expert tree planting of the right tree in the right place.   As the tree grows and develops our arborist can care for the tree with proper pruning, fertilization and insect and disease prevention treatments.  When the tree ages and becomes larger and the safety and health of the tree is called into question, our certified arborists will be there recommend actions and services to prolong it’s life and keep it safe.  When the time finally comes to remove a big, old tree Hoppe Tree Service can perform the work safety and efficiently with the right equipment.   With Hoppe Tree Service’s Urban Wood Lab division, the wood from a wonderful old tree can be saved and milled into boards or natural edge wood slabs that can used to create furniture pieces or other wood products.  There is a certain satisfaction in knowing that an old stately tree can continue to provide enjoyment in another form.    

The Hoppe Tree Service Urban Wood Lab division was started on the principal of finding a higher calling for those logs that were just being wasted.   Far too often, wood generated from tree removals is cut up in small chunks for firewood or ground up into wood chips.  The Urban Wood Lab takes a different approach.  We believe in trying to find the highest use for a log.   All of the lumber and wood products created by The Urban Wood Lab come from local trees that were dead, dying, damaged, or needed to be removed for a reason other than their timber value. 

Once the tree is cut down, our crew will load the wood into our trucks and cart it off to our facility in Grafton.  Once there, logs will be sorted and milled into lumber, beams, discs, or one of a kind natural edge wood slabs.  The Urban Wood Lab has a wood kiln on site to dry the wood (making it fit for carpentry work).  Much of our work is contract milling for the tree’s owner, and the rest of it makes it’s way to The Urban Wood Lab store at 6117 w. Bluemound Road.  Here you will find wood products, crafts and furniture pieces made by local artists.  The store is open Wed-Friday from 10:00am to 6:00pm.  Saturdays’ from 9:00am-1:00pm.  Stop in some time and see what you can find! 

Written by:

August Hoppe
Certified Arborist WI-0477A
Hoppe Tree Service

 crane truck side view large image     1 logs waiting to be milled    jake milling


 inside the kiln with baffles                     rounds and slabs out of kiln


showroom panorama view  

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