Its a Great Time to be an Arborist

Many times, people ask us, what do you guys do in the winter? Well, the answer is quite simple, tree work. Here at Hoppe Tree Service we perform tree work all year long even in the winter. To supplement things a little bit we do plow and shovel snow, and sell firewood, but our core winter work is tree work (pruning and removal) Our day light is shorter, our work load is not as heavy as in the spring and summer, but we do work full time throughout the harshest parts of winter. The secret to working outside in the winter is to stay moving. Tree work fits perfectly for that mantra. Constant moving from truck to tree and back again will make you work up a sweat, even in 10 degree weather. We also learn to dress appropriately in lots of layers. Sometimes are clients have a hard time recognizing us with the large amount of bulky clothing that we end up wearing on the coldest days.

Besides our constant activity, our equipment is another secret to our winter work. Hoppe Tree Service uses a bucket truck which allows us to reach up and trim off snowy or iced over branches so we don’t need to climb in an unsafe situation. We also recently have brought a self propelled mini-lift into our repo tore of tools. This machine is light, and travels over snow without problems. The machine is nimble enough to fit through a 5’ opening. Our mini-lift is a low impact way to travel over lawns, especially now as the snow is melting and lawns can be rather soft and mucky. We also utilize log and brush loader machines which can haul the logs and branches over the snow for us, so that we don’t need to drag brush through snow up to our waists. What a back saving device our loaders are! We have 1 for bigger jobs, and a smaller one that can fit thru gates and get into tight backyards.

So tree work is something that we do all year long, but it can be tough going, and the constant cold can wear you down. We’re out door people, used to dealing with anything mother nature can throw at us, but I would be lying to you if I didn’t say that no one looks forward to spring like the arborists of Hoppe Tree Service. Peeling off layers of heavy winter work jackets gives us a new found sense of freedom. Seeing the piles of snow retreat slowly every day puts a smile to our faces. There is a bounce in our step, especially since we can now where our lighter work boots and don’t sink into snow drifts. Our job certainly becomes easier. Now with the warmer weather, people say things to us like “You sure are lucky to be able to work outside,” or “you sure have a great job, I bet it keeps you in shape.” We usually just smile back and say “You’re right.”

August Hoppe

Certified Arborist WI-0477A

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