Hoppe Tree Service Wins a its 10th Super Service Award in a row

For the 1oth year in a row, Hoppe Tree Service has earned the Angie's List Super Service Award.  Angies List is a service that over 1,000,000 consumers use to find high quality service companies and professionals.  Angie’s list members post reviews on the companies, using a letter grade rating, along with comments regarding the company.  Only 5% of companies listed on Angie’s List earn the top honor of Super Service Award Winner.  A company can only be listed in Angie’s List if they are nominated by a consumer who has an Angie’s List membership.

Hoppe Tree Service’s first report on Angie’s List was on November 27th, 2000.   Since that time, there have been 333 reports about Hoppe Tree Service listed on Angie’s List.  Of those 333 reports, 313 are “A” rated reports. When asked how Hoppe Tree Service is able to have been able to consistently obtain excellent reports on Angie’s List year after year, August Hoppe commented “It’s really pretty simple, we try our hardest, we call people back promptly, and if we make a mistake we acknowledge it and fix whatever is wrong as soon as we can.”  “My father Dean Hoppe has taught my brother Fred and I these business values, and we are just trying to continue the tradition.”

August Hoppe noted “Back in 2000 when we first heard about Angie’s List, we really didn’t know what to expect.  I was a little hesitant to embrace it as an effective way to get our business noticed.  But overtime, Angie’s List has become a real powerful tool for us.”  Hoppe explained further “For a while I was real nervous about someone giving us a bad report, and the consequences of that.  But we’ve just used the approach of treating every client like they are an Angie’s List member.  We’ve been blessed by the growth our company on Angie’s List.  It really has happened organically, we’ve never actively asked our clients to write reports, they have just done it on their own.”

Hoppe Tree Service doesn’t plan on resting on its laurels.  The staff of Hoppe Tree Service will continue working as hard is it can to offer great service to their clients and will try to keep it going. 

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