Latest on Emerald Ash Borer

In the past few years, our arborists have been hard at work treating ash trees for our customers in south eastern Wisconsin to prevent infestation of the Emerald ash borer.  We have been using the best technology available, along with the most effective chemicals specific to the ash borer.  There are a few different options for treating your ash trees and it is often necessary for us to put together an individualized plan depending on your landscape.
Our most effective treatment is done with a chemical called Tree-age, which is injected directly into the trunk of the tree and dispersed throughout the vascular tissue with the trees own natural water-carrying process.  This is a highly effective treatment that is good for 2 complete years of protection.
This year we are excited to announce an organic solution, comparable to the chemical Tree-age, called Treeazin.  This is a great alternative for those looking to use a more natural organic approach with insect control in their landscape.  In testing, it has shown great results and will prove to be a great organic choice in the fight against Emerald ash borer.
Often times a landscape will have multiple ash trees, even tens or hundreds, and creating a protection plan for them may seem overwhelming, if not impossible.  Fortunately, there is a process for treating multiple ash trees at an affordable  price.  This process involves injecting an insecticide into the rootzone of the trees with a high  pressure needle, which can efficiently treat stands of ash trees or younger, smaller diamater trees.  The downside of soil insecticides is that it is not as effective and will not persist in the tree as long as the chemicals we inject into the trunk, so treatment must be done annually.
emerald ash borer quarantine mapTreatment of your ash trees will be an ongoing process, as insecticides can only persist in the tree for a maximum of 2 years.  Though in the long run, as I will discuss, saving your trees is the most affordable and attractive option, you may want to remove the ash trees all together.  We specialize in tree removal as well as insect control, and we have the experience and equipment to handle any situation.  One of our arborists can recommend a new species of tree to plant in its place as well.  This is usually the last option for treatment of ash trees, but sometimes necessary.  Trees are an invaluable part of our landscape and provide shade, attractiveness, and overall value to your property.
One of our Certified Arborists can help you develop the best plan of action for protecting the ash trees on your property.  We are still in a window of time where prevention is still an option, but the beetle is spreading fast and destroying millions of ash trees.  Now is the time to develop a plan and keep the trees in your yard safe and healthy.



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