Looking for a flowering tree?

Crab apple-  For years, the crabapple tree has been the standard for flowering trees.  There are hundreds of varieties of the crab apple tree.  Crabs come in multiple blossom colors, such as pink, red, purple, and white.  There are many different growth habits, including rounded canopies, umbrella shape, upright growth and even dwarf varieties.   The drawback of crab apple trees is their propensity for disease.  Apple scab disease and fireblight disease can be common problems.  However, many of the newer varieties of crabapple are resistant to these diseases.  Crab apples generally flower a little later in spring.  (after magnolias, serviceberries, pears, and redbuds)  Crabs do best in full sun, where they can develop full crowns and show off their wonderful flowers. 


Japanese Tree Lilac- In late spring the Tree Lilac makes its presence known.  This tree has large white showy lilac like flowers.  The Tree Lilac is a durable tree that does best in full sun.  This tree also has the ability to be more drought resistance than most other ornamental trees.  This makes it a good choice for some of the more challenging sites.  The Tree lilac is considered a semi-upright tree that generally obtains heights of around 20 feet at maturity. 



Spring is a wonderful time.  If you stop to smell the roses, please also take a little time to enjoy the unique flowering trees that dot our landscape.  Our arborists plant trees and our experienced and knowledgeable staff can help you with your planting project.

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