A way to inspect the insides of trees

The IML resistograph is an attachment to a drill that aids in the early detection of decay in trees.  The resistograph system is based on a drilling resistance measuring method.  A drilling needle with a diameter of 1.5mm to 3.0mm penetrates into the wood at a constant speed and the drilling resistance is measured.  As the resistograph penetrates the wood the data is recorded on a wax paper strip at a scale of 1:1.  Because the drilling needles diameter is so small, the damage to the tree is insignificantly small.

If evaluation indicates the tree represents a high risk of failure, remedial treatments can be developed to reduce that risk. Treatments could involve pruning to reduce branch weight and wind resistance and installation of structural supports including cables and brace rods that help to limit branch movements during storms. When treatments will not reduce the risk of failure to an acceptable level, tree removal or restricting access to the area near the tree must be considered to prevent personal injury and property damage.

Fred Hoppe

Certified Arborist WI-0556A

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