Fall and Winter Tree Care Calendar


□ Inspect trees before winter, remove weakened limbs before snow hits.

□ Continue tree pruning and the start of the dormant tree pruning season begins. (oak, elm, and other trees)

□ Continue performing deep root fertilization of trees and shrubs.

□ Inspect and install tree support cables.

□ Tie up arborvitaes before snow flies.

□ Cut back spireas and other garden perennials.

□ Place guards on small trees and shrubs to help prevent rabbit and

rodent winter damage.

□ Apply antidessiccant spray to evergreens such as arborvitaes, yews,

and boxwoods to prevent winter drying.

□ Apply deer and rabbit repellant to yews, arborvitaes and other plants susceptible to winter animal browsing.

□ Make sure plants are well watered with moist soil before ground freezes, (especially evergreens which are more susceptible to drying out.

□ Apply mulch to insulate root systems of cold sensitive plants. 



□ Make holiday decorations from trees and shrubs in yard.

□ Offical start of the winter tree work season, (pruning and removal of trees and shrubs now that gardens are dormant.)

□ Schedule a free winter tree and landscape inspection with one of our

certified arborists.



□ Take advantage of frozen ground for tree removal.

□ Inspect ice storm damaged trees.

□ Remove heavy snow from trees and shrubs. (especially arborvitaes).

□ Safety prune large trees prone to excessive limb-end weight and

weak branches  to make them stronger against snow and ice buildup.

□ Start planning for spring including early spring tree health treatments!


Questions about your trees and shrubs?  Contact an arborist at Hoppe Tree Service!


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