Deer and rabbit repellant sprays this fall season

Keep the deer and rabbits from munching your trees and shrubs this winter


Are you frustrated with constant deer, rabbit, or rodent damage on your trees and shrubs every fall and winter? We are excited to announce that Hoppe Tree Service is now offering animal repellent spray programs to protect your valuable plants.



Many plants get hit hard by deer and rabbit damage through the course of the late fall and winter. Come spring time some of our favorite shrubs can be chewed down to the nubs. Many of them can be damaged so bad that they never come back. It is time to fight back against deer, rabbits and rodents! Contact us for pricing.

  • Super long lasting, One spray application protects for 3-4 months.
  • We emphasis coverage on key plants such as yews, arborvitae etc.
  • All natural product.
  • low odor
  • Safe for pets

Contact Hoppe Tree Service for a price quote or to answer any questions.


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