Dormant Pruning Going on Now

Dormant Pruning going on now

Can you prune in the winter?  The answer is yes.  Many people don’t realize it, but proper pruning cuts can be made on most trees and shrubs anytime during the year.   Winter pruning does provide some distinct advantages to other times of the year.


The leaves are off the trees and shrubs.  This makes it easier to see what type of corrective pruning should be done.    Rubbing, crowded, crisscrossing and interfering branches that have been hiding behind leaves all summer are now visible.  Dead branches can still be located, even without leaves on.  (there are no buds on dead branches, the bark peels off, the branch becomes brittle, and there is no green under the bark).

Mature trees should be inspected in the winter months.  Without the leaves, structural problems such as cavities and pockets of decay may be more noticeable.

Tree Climbers are tied in using a climbing saddle and support ropes for safety.


Don’t forget about the shrubs!  Many types of shrubs are mulitstem plants  (with lots of stems and branches originating low on the plant.)  These types of plants are ideally suited to winter pruning.  Thinning cuts are made to remove some of the larger older stems.  Usually these cuts are made down to the ground level.  This will allow the remaining stems to grow better, and allow for new growth to start low on the plant.  The mistake many people make with their shrubs is to just shape or round off the outer growth, and never properly thin out the center.   Eventually this creates a “leggy” plant with no growth in the center.   In the winter time the middle areas of the plant are easily seen and it becomes a good time to reach in there and thin some of those older stems.

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