Healthy trees are an important asset to any property.  Hoppe Tree Service has the knowledge and expertise to accurately diagnosis and treat tree problems.  Preserving trees and maintaining tree health is one of our favorite activities. The first step to keeping your trees and shrubs healthy is to have one of our certified arborists review your trees. 

Request an onsite inspection

Our program consists of 3 simple steps:

  • Onsite inspection and evaluation
  • Custom treatment program created to fit your needs.
  • Monitoring and followup.

Common insects and diseases that we encounter and manage on a regular basis:

Insects:  Emerald ash borer, Bronze birch borer, Zimmerman pine moth on Austrian Pine, Leaf chewing insects such as Japanese Beetle, Spruce galls, Gypsy moth, Scale insects on a variety of hosts, and others. 

Diseases:  Apple scab on crab and apple trees, Diplodia needleblight on Austrian pines, Tar spot on maples, Fungal cankers and cavities, and other damaging leaf and stem fungus diseases. 

Stress agents:  Stem girdling roots, Moisture stress, Winter burn, Animal damage, Snow damage. 

The changes of the season are important for proper timing of tree care.  Click on a picture below to get started and find out what treatments and services our arborists recommend for that time of year. 

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For more information on tree health care can be found at The University of Wisconsin - Extension bulletin board.


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