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Do you want to know more about your trees?  Would you like to understand what species of trees you have, and how healthy they really are?  A tree inventory might be right for you.

A tree inventory is a great tool to manage your landscape trees and shrubs.  A Hoppe Tree Service ArborPlus inventory allows you to prioritize needs, and plan your tree care budget for the upcoming years.  To make educated decisions it is essential to know how many trees you have, where they are located on your property, what species they are and most importantly what condition they are in. Whether you only have a few trees, or acres and acres of them, having a Hoppe Tree Service ArborPlus tree inventory stores all this information together in one easy to use place. The information is dynamic, easily searchable, and can be used to gather and analyze all sorts of information.  Tree Inventories can be completed for both commercial and residential properties. 

The certified arborists at Hoppe Tree Service take advantage of GIS to power your inventory. Global positioning systems, GPS, determine the precise location of your trees and shrubs and GIS, geographical information systems, tells us the information we need. For example, a Green Ash, 15 inches in diameter, in fair condition and is in need of 2yr emerald ash borer protection.

Tree Inventory Pricing
 6 or less trees   $75
 7-12 trees  $100
 13-20 trees  $150
 21 or more trees  Contact us for pricing  


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Why an ArborPlus tree inventory?

  • Determine the needs of your trees.
  • Prioritize maintenance schedules in order to reduce the potential liability that results from hazardous trees or delayed maintenance.
  • Streamline the efficiency of our work crew when tree work needs to be proposed and completed.
  • Facilitate long term budgeting and planning.

What is ArborPlus? What kind of information is gathered?

Our team of ISA Certified Arborists gathers data onsite that is necessary for your custom tree management plan. Generally the following information is included in the inventory:

  • Photo of the tree
  • Tree species: Common and scientific names
  • Size: DBH (Diameter at breast height)
  • Condition: Based on our rating guidelines
  • Site Characteristics: Space, soil, presence of utility lines
  • Health recommendations: If tree needs fertilizer, fungicide/insecticide, etc
  • Maintenance Recommendations: How to maintain the tree (e.g. clearance pruning, corrective pruning, removal, etc) and when (e.g. this year, next year, year 2, etc)
  • Hazardous notes: injuries, diseases, lightning damage, etc

As you can see, ArborPlus is a powerful tool. All the above information is stored in one convenient location and is easily accessible using an online portal which we grant you access to. There you can see every single tree, view scope of the work, and approve estimates if needed. No downloads and no logins.

Our staff at Hoppe Tree Service would be happy to answer any questions you have about our new program and to schedule a time for one of our sales arborist’s to come out and get started on your personal ArborPlus inventory today. There is an initial cost for setting up your personal tree inventory; cost is based upon the size of your yard and the amount of trees on your property.  Most inventories can be completed for less than $100.


Sign up for a Tree Inventory here! 

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