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The Urban Wood Lab

Here at the urban wood lab our passion is sustainable wood products. Every piece we sell comes from local urban trees that were cut down for a purpose beyond their timber value. We are sponsored by Wisconsin Urban Wood, an organization whose motto is “Bringing Dead Trees to Life” a slogan that definitely represents who we are and what we do. We specialize in live edge wood products, but we also spend a fair amount of our time milling and drying beautiful lumber, stumps, discs and anything else our clients ask of us. We try our very best to accommodate even the most unusual wood product requests, just ask the guys at Big Head Brewing Company who are playing Hammershlagen as we speak using a log we supplied.

We do all of our milling and drying at our company’s property in Grafton WI, a place that all of our employees refer to as “the farm.” The farm is where all of the magic happens and where we turn discarded trees into beautiful wood products like those pictured below.


Farm Tours

We also offer tours of “the farm” where clients can come out and choose pieces from our 25,000+ board foot inventory for themselves, once a piece is chosen you can opt to take it as is, green, or we can expedite it into our next open kiln and have the piece dried and ready for pick up in approximately 4-6 weeks. For clients that are interested in larger wood pieces we even offer delivery services and our drivers are more than happy to not only bring you your materials, but to help you unload them as well. For more information about our farm tours please click here.

Where can you find our products?


We sell our Wisconsin Urban Wood at several locations throughout Milwaukee and the surrounding areas. Of course there is the Urban Wood Lab Store located at:


The Urban Wood Lab
6117 W. Bluemound Rd.
Milwaukee, WI 53213

Hours: Thursday & Friday  10:00am-6:00pm | Saturday 9:00am-1:00pm


We have also partnered up with the Habitat for Humanity Restores, and Wastecap here in Milwaukee and currently stock two of their locations. Their addresses are listed below:

East Side Restore
420 S. 1st St.
Milwaukee, WI 53024
Hours: T-F: 10am-6pm | SAT: 10am-4pm

West Side Restore
3015 N. 114th St.
Wauwatosa, WI 53222
Hours: T-F: 10am-6pm | SAT: 10am-4pm


Wastecap Architectural Salvage Warehouse
2123 W. Michigan Street
Milwaukee, WI 53233
Hours: W-F: 10am-5pm | SAT: 10am-4pm