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At the Urban Wood Lab Store, we offer a wide variety of urban wood products for sale. The Urban Wood Lab is a part of Hoppe Tree Service, so all of our wood comes from local southeastern Wisconsin’s urban forest. We try to find a better purpose for the trees that are already coming down for one reason or another, rather than splitting them into firewood. We specialize in figured live edge slabs, but we also offer hardwood lumber for sale too.  Much of our inventory has already been kiln dried to 6%-8%, but at our Grafton/Farm location we also have a large selection of “green” wood that’s already been milled. This green wood is air-drying and can be put on the fast track into the next kiln cycle, usually ready within a couple of months. If we don’t have the right piece already milled we can custom mill it for you.

 We recommend checking out our store first, but if you are unable to find what you are looking for, please feel free to schedule a Farm Tour. To schedule a Farm Tour, please click on this link : Grafton Farm Tour



Live Edge Slabs

Hardwood Lumber