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Sometimes our customers come to the wood lab and we don’t have exactly what they are looking for on hand. Our solution was to start offering tours of our milling and drying headquarters located in Grafton, WI. We have close to 30,000 board feet of live edge and hardwood lumber products air drying at this location and encourage customers to come out and select their next piece for themselves. Please keep in mind that our Grafton location lumber and slabs are still green and have not completed the kiln drying process yet. When they’ve completed kiln drying, they are moved to our Urban Wood Lab Showroom in Milwaukee. Green wood or air dried wood may be well suited for some applications, but cases where you need kiln drying, it may take a couple months to fulfill your order. If our current inventory doesn’t have what you’re looking for, chances are that we can always find the right wood to suit your needs, where we will mill and dry wood to meet your requirements.

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Patrick Hill
UWL Manager